Astro supports SMEs through its TV, radio and digital platforms

Astro supports SMEs through its TV, radio and digital platforms
Kuala Lumpur, 9 July - In light of the pandemic and the MCO, Astro has introduced 3 initiatives to support the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) businesses in Malaysia. SMEs, which accounts for over 90% of all businesses in Malaysia forms the backbone of the economic sector. Many SMEs are facing unprecedented disruption to their business due to the pandemic and the MCO.

TV – ‘Reignite SMEs’ contest by Astro AEC offers airtime packages to SMEs

Astro AEC launched its ‘Reignite SMEs’ contest under its Business Talk umbrella to reinvigorate the economic landscape for SMEs. The contest, open to all Astro household and commercial users allows the customers to nominate their own business or a business of their family member or friend to be in the running to win attractive airtime incentives on Astro. All the customers have to do is to submit the necessary responses on the official website of the contest. The prize of 15 packages, comprising airtime on Astro’s TV, radio and digital platform, up for grabs, with a total value of RM1.5 million also allows the winners to choose their preferred language package so that they will be able to gain optimal exposure among their target audience. 

Wong Siah Ping, Head of Chinese Business at Astro said, “Astro reaches 5.7 million TV households, 16.9 million weekly radio listeners along with 11.6 million unique digital visitors. We have helped businesses expand their reach and scale up their businesses.” She also added that the initiatives will pave the way for SMEs to leverage on an untapped market as well as amplify their reach to the Group’s wider customer base.

Radio – “#MELODYSupportsSME” by MELODY provides radio-spots and live interview session to SMEs

Astro Radio’s MELODY continues to support SMEs with its “#MELODYSupportSME” programme. To date 15 SMEs have participated and are enjoying airtime packages comprising 8 all-day radio-spots along with a live interview spot on its breakfast show so that the SMEs can share their stories. With a weekly listenership of 1.7 million among the chinese-speaking community, MELODY assists SMEs to tap on its base and extend the SMEs’ reach beyond its current customer base.

One of the beneficiaries of the programme, Stanic Low of City Print Studio Sdn Bhd whose company specializes in producing signboards, applauded the initiative. He is pleased with the opportunity to be featured on MELODY as his interview has generated a huge amount of awareness on the product offerings of his company and strengthen the credibility of his company among its peers and clients.

Lo Lai Kuan of Kam Wai Biscuit Confectionary also agreed that MELODY has enabled more consumers to discover her products and the effect has spilled over to increasing online sales as well; diversifying her source of income amid these testing times.

With more meaningful stories of SMEs still left untold, Astro encourage Malaysians to submit their entrepreneur stories via the official website to stand a chance win a radio-spot packages and live interview session with MELODY.

Digital platform – XUANBah! A new e-commerce platform made for the locals

XUANBah! is an e-commerce platform established by Astro to act as a bridge between businesses and the community, allowing SMEs a presence on e-commerce platforms without any cost, thus paving the way towards a more sustainable business model. Since inception, XUANBah! has attracted more than 110 merchants nationwide. Interested local merchants are invited to register their business with XUANBah! by applying online.